Folligen for Blondes - 4 Fl Oz

Folligen for Blondes - 4 Fl Oz

Brand: Folligen
Product Code: FOLBL001
Price: £34.99

Blonde hair and sunlit highlights require special care to enhance and preserve color while promoting hair growth. That is why we developed Folligen for Blondes with a growth enhancing ingredient called Tin-Peptides. Tin-peptides not only help your luscious locks grow longer, they also protect the beauty and hue of blond hair and highlights. This product often reduces hair loss in one month and results in thicker hair in about four months.

The copper peptides in Folligen can sometimes cause a green tint in blond hair. Folligen for Blondes uses tin-peptides and users report that it often stop hair shedding within a few weeks.

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